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What People Are Saying About Darren Schneider 

Schneider Team

Noriko C.

San Diego, CA

Purchasing a home can be very stressful (as we discovered in escrow), but Darren was honestly the BEST part of the entire experience!!

 1. He's a machine! Professional, logical, definitely knows his stuff, and takes advantage of technology to help make the process as easy & less disruptive on your   work/home life as possible.  He provided constant updates (days/nights/weekends), so we always felt like we knew where things stood at every step along the way.

 2. If he isn't a machine, then he might be a Jedi Master!  Darren would go to 'war' for us during the negotiation-phase and I have no idea what Jedi-mind tricks he used, but I wish I had his power of influence!  Darren refused to let the seller get away with things that we felt were important and in need of repair. And he will not be intimated by any agent who tries to bully him!  I cannot express enough the peace of mind it brings to have that kind of advocate on your side! 

 3. Honest-Abe.  Darren will not allow your rose-colored glasses to blind you from noticing any major issue with a home.. and that's important!  His focus was never about finding us a home quickly, but rather making sure that the home we picked was *perfect* for us.. and it was!

 4. Energy drink called 'Schneider-Power'!  Darren has this positive energy about him.  He works hard but is also this family man with kids, so it amazes me that he still managed to find the energy to always be the emotional support/cheerleader that we needed at times throughout the process.

 I feel like this review doesn't do Darren the justice he deserves, because there isn't enough time to provide all the details, but trust me... if you want a caring Jedi Master/Terminator type realtor, who's better than Lincoln on Redbull...It’s Darren Schneider!!


Kris O.
San Diego, CA

Darren has been our Realtor in San Diego since 2002. As a San Diego native he knows the pros and cons about the various San Diego neighborhoods. His knowledge was particularly useful when we returned to San Diego this year. He listened to what we desired in a house and didn't waste our time  showing us houses just because they were for sale. As a result, we found the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood.


Andrea F.
Palm Springs, CA

Darren did a fantastic job for us. He sold our townhouse in one week, and for the exact amount that we asked for! He's so good at staging that we almost decided not to sell! Darren and his staff are extremely responsive and professional, and we always recommend him when our friends need a realtor.


Lucky B.
San Diego, CA

Darren spent over two years with me to find a home that fit my wishes.

I wanted an unobstructable view with no power lines in Point Loma or Mission Hills.
He worked hard and joined me on many showings. If a home had a fundamental flaw he pointed it out immediately. His knowledge of the neighborhoods was outstanding as was his integrity and ability to work with all parties involved. I almost certainly would not have purchased my new home if Darren was not involved. A consummate professional.


Jason W.
San Diego, CA

Darren listed our old house for us and helped us purchase our new one. Things were challenging on both ends but he and his assistant Kelly stuck through it all with us and guided us through the process. I would highly recommend Darren to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in San Diego.


Paula M.
San Diego

I had to be out of town on several occasions while my house was on the market but never had to worry because Darren always took care of everything in my absence. It was a pleasure working with Darren and would not hesitate to use him again for any real estate transactions I may have.


George L.
San Diego

Darren Schneider was a pleasure to work with in the recent sale of a home in Point Loma (San Diego). Although I had worked with Darren previously, he was selected for this listing after interviews with several other local real estate agents. It was the right decision. He started work without delay and persisted through some difficult transactions. He was always Truthful, Transparent and Timely in his communications with me. He was forthcoming yet careful in offering strategic advice; always offering options and time to make decisions. I will turn to Darren the next time I need a realtor and would willingly recommend him to others.


Kelly M.
San Diego

Darren has handled 7 transactions for us in the last 14 years. He has an excellent grasp of the contracts, strong working relationships with the other area realtors, offers realistic expectations as to price and is the voice of reason in negotiation.


Joseph R.
San Diego

I've known Darren Schneider professionally for about 15 years now. He's one of the best in the business. He's not a top realtor at Ascent Real Estate by accident. He knows the real estate business in and out as he's done all kinds if transactions.  As a point Loma/Ocean Beach native Darren is a true expert on these neighborhoods and knows just about everybody in the local real estate game.


Cindy C.
San Diego, CA

Darren took a very stressful life experience and made it much more tolerable.  He sold my house in record time with offers over list.  The staging Team Darren did made the house look so incredible I've asked them to design my new home.

I also bought my new house through Darren and that is when his true character showed itself as I was not always the most patient or tolerant person during the process.  Even during the occasional rant, Darren was always professional, patient and diligent to keep the process moving forward in a positive way. Darren has also assembled a great team which clearly is a large part of the overall success.


Rachel O.
Canon City, CO

My husband and I were looking for an agent to help sell our home, and a friend highly recommended Darren. I am SO glad that we chose him. He walked us through everything and was ALWAYS available to answer our questions. Darren helped us in pricing our house correctly and provided recommendations on staging the home. He has a calming presence and helped us maintain a sense of normalcy during the entire process.

I don't think this experience could have gone any smoother. We had several offers the first week and were in escrow shortly after we were on the market. I can't recommend Darren highly enough. Do yourself a favor and let Darren help you with your home buying or selling needs. You won't regret it!!! He is awesome.


Brian S.
Escondido, CA

Darren is awesome!  He's a great people person, very professional and knows his stuff.  Although this particular transaction had some stressful moments, Darren's patience and sense of humor helped to lighten things up.  He knows when to take the right risks and it definitely paid off in the end.  Without a doubt, I highly recommend Darren if you need to buy or sell a property.  You'll be happy you did!  Darren, you rock!


Peter L.
San Diego, CA

I had to relocate for work and I decided to sell my house.  Not being in town obviously made things a little more difficult but Darren was on top of everything the whole time, I was lucky to work with someone as good as him.  He was very familiar with the neighborhood and was able to help me list it at a good price and worked hard to stage the house and show it as much as possible.  Throughout the whole experience he always kept me updated on what was going on and made himself available to discuss things at times that fit my schedule.

I am thankful for his hard work and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor.


San Diego, CA

I just completed my first home buying experience.  Going in, I was nervous, unsure and actually dreading the whole process.  Darren was recommended by a friend and as soon as I met him, my whole attitude changed.  Darren made me instantly feel comfortable, excited and he really listened to what I wanted and took me out to see properties the very next day.  

There are so many good things to say about Darren so I will list the best qualities below:
1.  Darren does not waste your time showing you properties that do not meet your wish list or that you cannot afford.  He understood from the very beginning that this was a huge purchase for me and that I was nervous.  

2.  While looking at properties he is very patient.  He answers questions (sometimes the same ones over and over) and also gives ideas about what can be done to each room.  He does not say things like "oh, you will not find that" or "that's not going to happen" etc.  He stays very positive and keeps looking at properties until the buyer is happy.  He took me to a couple of properties several times and never made me feel as if it was in imposition.

3.  He is fun.  I always looked forward to seeing Darren.  It was like having a great friend around to look at places except he was also an expert.

4.  He really knows the real estate business.  All questions were answered immediately and I felt very comfortable knowing that Darren would not mislead me or answer something he was not sure of.  He took me through the process one step at a time while constantly making me feel like he had my back and was there for me.

5.  He is responsive.  If you call him, he picks up or he will call you right back.  I'm sure he had other clients at the same time he was helping me but I always felt like I was his only one - the most important. He does not care if you call him over and over - he does not lose patience.

6.  I think one of the best things Darren brings to the table is this:  he is an excellent negotiator.  He fights for you when the time comes to start making an offer, ask for credits for repairs etc.  My nickname for him was Pit Bull but actually, he deals with the other agent or seller a very kind and gentle way without offending but at the same time, he makes it happen!  I never felt like he was putting his commission first over my happiness.  That is very rare these days.

7.  Darren knows a lot of people.  Good people.  Inspectors, loan officers, painters etc.  You name it and he can hook you up with the right people.

8.  Finally, Darren has not dropped off the face of the earth so to speak since my closing.  He has called several times to make sure things are okay and going well.

Darren should be ranked #1 in San Diego for customer service and knowledge.  Use him!  You will never go anywhere else.


Jana M.
Newport Beach, CA

I am a seasoned homeowner seller and buyer.  I interviewed several Realtors and chose Darren because he listened, took notes, and was attentive to every detail that I requested.  He was proactive in marketing, following up with potential buyers and communicating with me along the way.  I was so thrilled to be able to travel and not have my life disruptive while Darren showed my condo.  He also communicated with the condo's HOA board to insure compliance with every detail down to placement of the For Sale sign.  Darren Schneider and his team proved once again that it is all in the details to get the results to make all parties satisfied.  I without reservation recommend Darren if you want to get the job done!


Julie H.
San Diego, CA

Darren is awesome!  He was referred to us by our friends when we were having a bad experience selling our home with another real estate agent.  He went above and beyond what I would expect from a listing agent.  He was so easy to work with, very knowledgeable and very professional.  After switching agents, Darren sold our house in 2 1/2 weeks!

He is a great human being as well as a grade A agent.
I cannot say enough about how happy my husband and I were with using his services.  He is on the ball and gets it done!


Russ C.
San Diego, CA

Pretty darn remarkable! My wife and I have bought and sold numerous properties in our lives and not one Realtor has ever come close to being as outstanding as Darren. Darren was very proactive marketing our property. He was very attentive. He stayed in touch with us. Every time he made a commitment, he fulfilled it. We went into escrow and then headed on a 3 week European vacation. Darren kept the ball rolling between the buyers and us. Darren kept both of us fully updated. He did a fine job of fulfilling his fiscal responsibility to both parties. I just can't strongly enough recommend Darren. Hey Darren - THANKS!


Ryder J.
El Cajon, CA

My wife and I sought Darren out after having experienced his professionalism and expertise on a short sale purchase where he was the selling agent, not even our own! We knew then that when we were ready to purchase another property we would seek out Darren, and we did!

Darren is a patient realtor with an eye for what gets people in the door.  He went out of his way to get professional photos and help get the home staged while WE WERE ON VACATION! He had multiple showings and we were in escrow the weekend we returned from vacation, now that is exceptional! Meanwhile, he was energetically pursuing the purchase of our new home, which closed without a hitch, all thanks to Darren.

I would absolutely recommend Darren to anyone purchasing or selling a property.  He is a go-getter, tenacious, and yet calming through it all.  Thanks Darren for a wonderful experience.


Skip R.
Del Mar, CA

My wife and I had a condo in Point Loma we wanted to sell and we received a lot of recommendations of agents to handle the sale.  We have a very good and long-standing relationship with an agent in the North County area and we were hesitant to try a new agent and risk being disappointed.  But, after meeting with Darren and talking to him a couple times on the phone, we felt his strong knowledge of and ties to the Pt Loma area could make a difference in the success of selling our place.

We are so happy we made that decision!!  Darren was fantastic to work with.  His communication was great...he pro-actively contacted us via phone calls, text messages or emails, whatever worked best for us...which ultimately was a combination of all three.

However, the bottom line for judging an agent is always: "was he successful at selling the place at a price we were happy with?"  On that question, the answer was a resounding YES! Due in no small part to Darren's strong network in the Pt Loma area, and the advanced marketing he did, we had 4 offers to consider just 2 days after the listing went active...with the lowest of the 4 offers being at our asking price!! Darren's deep knowledge of the Pt Loma area, its history, pros and cons of locations, and values, clearly led him to accurately price and sell our condo.

Today we closed escrow on our sale at a price that was approx. 7% above our asking price!!  The escrow process went very smoothly and Darren was present and involved throughout.  He did a great job handling everything that came up during escrow, whereas a lesser agent might have allowed one or more of the issues to derail the process.

I am a very tough critic and a demanding client.  I give Darren my highest recommendation, and wouldn't consider anyone else if you are looking for an agent in the Pt Loma or surrounding areas in which he specializes.

Thanks Darren!


Phil G.
Palm Springs, CA

When you need a real estate professional look in the dictionary and you'll see Darren Schneider!! He is hands down the best and gets the job done!! Great people skills, super knowledgable and easy to work with. Darren is a super star and we wouldn't ever work with anyone else!


Rochester, MI

Darren is the absolute BEST!  

I have worked with Darren for my real estate needs since 2003.  I would never even think of working with anyone else.  I'm a very organized and meticulous person, and he is the same!  I never have to worry that some small detail will fall through the cracks with him.  He is on it!  His experience makes him very savy in the San Diego Market.  Besides being very professional, he's a great person.  Really easy and fun to be with, which is important during your house hunt.


Susie J.
San Diego, CA

Buying a home is never easy!  However, Darren is AMAZING!  He was very patient and took the time to answer our 1 million questions, 500 phone calls, and 200 emails.  Darren is very honest and we really felt that we could trust him.  We appreciated his knowledge of the San Diego market.  While I know we won't be selling our new home anytime soon, we will certainly use Darren when the time comes.


Tracey M.
San Diego, CA

Darren is a true professional.  He has been our agent multiple times both when we were selling a house and buying a house.  I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for an agent.  You will learn very fast that he is trustworthy, efficient and reliable.


Danielle C.
Chula Vista, CA

My husband and I chose Darren based on a professional recommendation and we couldn't be happier!! Darren was professional from the get go, getting to know about us and our list of "must haves" in our new place. Being first time homebuyers, we had a list a mile long, but knew it wouldn't all be possible. I don't know how he did it, but Darren was able to find us everything on our list and in a BIG way. We LOVE our new house and it's because Darren guided us in the right direction. He was there to point out situations we may want to walk away from, showing us the big picture. Darren was always available, whether it be by email, phone or even by text. He made it comfortable for us to bring our 4 year old daughter along, entertaining her so we could explore the properties without distraction. She fell in love with him and was quite disappointed when she found out that he didn't come with the house. 

Darren helped her find her "tree house" and the first house of our dreams!! We will definitely work with him in the future and... if you hadn't noticed we sing his praises to all that inquire about a really amazing real estate agent.

Thanks Darren!